Thursday, March 13, 2014

Interview with Mike Borean Supervisor Candidate for District 3

Mike Borean, a Battalion Chief with the City of San Mateo, threw his hat in the District 3 Supervisors race against 20 year incumbent Meritta Callaway and candidate Mike Oliveria.

Borean, a resident of Calaveras County since 1965, refers to himself as a woodsman, desiring at a young age to be a ranger. By 17 he was volunteering as a fire fighter in Arnold and went on to be a seasonal CalFire firefighter. Though he earned a Bachelor's degree in Forest Resources, the die had been cast. However, he did manage to work for a few years in a forest service related job before the recession hit then quickly found his way home to firefighting and has been there ever since.

His desire to become a Supervisor stems from his feeling that Calaveras County is perceived as a place that is hostile to growth and business. "Whether its perceived or real, either way, its hurts the local economy."

County offices:

He would like to see the county become business friendly, where people will want to relocate their business here and live here, where they will feel they have "the best rate of success" for their new business. He doesn't believe in micromanaging, but instead wants to empower heads of departments through training to be good leaders, to build moral in departments, and to realize "we are all public servants...we need to provide exceptional service...make a difference."

"The Sheriff is an elected official, The BOS can control the budget but the Sheriff works independent of the Board." With this said, he would hope that neighborhood watch programs would increase and that more volunteer patrols could be added. 

"I am a gun guy. I own a gun, my kids all know gun safety, but as a gun owner I need to be polite in society." He points out that though shooting is permitted on USFS land, people still need to be considerate. "As a personal choice, I will not shoot at Candy Rock." Stating that one of the targets placed atop a hill is in direct line with Avery Middle School.

Wagon Trail:
"I like the road just the way it is, but its not good for our economy." However, he would like more time to research this and talk with property owners as "I am a property rights advocate."

Fire Department Consolidation:
"Many departments are rural, isolated by geography, (consolidation) may work on an administrative level but not where the rubber meets the road." His hope is to come up with a ten year plan on how to deal with the dwindling funds for emergency personnel to insure public safety.

"I would like to see smart growth. What that means to me is allowing growth; the right things in the right places. No cookie cutter homes." Hoping to preserve the rural setting with growth "off the highways." Push for "satelite offices for larger businesses." "Tap into the demographic shift" of the younger up and comers enjoying our outdoors "rebrand Arnold" to "help people access forest land for hiking, fishing, outdoors. Work hand-in-hand with Alpine County, diversify our economic infrastructure."

"This is my home, I want to see it succeed."

Charity Maness