Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Winning Ways September Sale!

Guess What?  It’s almost September, time to gear up for next season.
So, we’re giving people a ‘savings boost’ to let the good times start rolling!


Sign up for Coaching Services in September and save $50 up-front!  J

Ready for a change in your life and seeking transformation?
What are you putting up with right now and what is your life’s intention?
What do you make more important than getting what you want, may I mention?

Mark what applies to you below:

o   Do you know what makes you tick?   Check
o   Are you out of a job?  Check
o   Need career coaching and in-depth skill assessments?  Check
o   Need life coaching?  Check
o   Are you handling retirement challenges?  Check
o   Want a professional resume?   Check
o   Got a “YOU BRANDING’ Statement prepared?  Check
o   Are you confident in interviews?  Check
o   Interested in Networking activities?  Check
o   Do you know where the jobs are?  Check
o   How do you handle the ‘Tell me about yourself’ Interview question?  Check
o   Do you know how to gear up, prepare, and start the job search?  Check
o   What is your ONE THING and WHAT DO YOU WANT?   Check

So now that you know what you want why not choose to save $50 for each service?
Get clear, get started, gain control and stop being fearful and nervous.

Marge ‘Magic’ Powers
Career and Master NLP Life Learning Advisor
What do you make more important than getting what you want?
The Coach to call when you’re thinking small!