Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thank you good samaritan

While there are some drawbacks to living in the country, the positive outweighs the negative by bushels.

For instance; the other day I ran to IGA to pick up a few items for the evening meal. After shopping, chatting and putting my cart away I headed home. On the way home I waved at the requisite 10 or so cars (as we all tend to know or at least recognize one another in our little town). I pulled into my driveway and received a phone call from Bruce....we all know Bruce...he was standing at check stand 2 in IGA where someone had just turned in my wallet that I had apparently left in my shopping cart. 

Though I do not know who turned my wallet in, I want to thank you so much!

All I can say is, gotta love our town and the people who make up our community!
We rock!

Charity Maness