Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sac Pit Motorcycle trials hit Copper this past weekend

Lewisport, the largest trial and enduro racing distributor and dealer in the US, located in Copperopolis - along with Sac P.I.T.'s , a trial bike club -promoted a 2 day trial bike competition this past weekend in Copperopolis.

Organized by Bryce Pophal and Neil Belvoir of Jackson as well as Kevin Davey and Mandy and Adrian Lewis, the event brought in over 100 trial bikes from all over Northern California to run the many creative and challenging courses.

This event was a gated event.

There were riders ranging from 9 years old to 70.

70 year old Richard Hardmire of Sacramento has been riding for 50 years. He began on trials when he was younger and moved quickly to racing fast tracks professionally, but found his way back to his beginnings of trial bikes as "fast tracks were too old for me." On Saturday Richard competed with his vintage 1963 Triumph.

For more information on trial competition or trial bikes contact Lewisport at http://www.lewisportusa.com/

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