Monday, January 13, 2014

Update from Calaveras Coutny Taxpayers Association

This is to provide a update on recent activity.

County Budget
We are continuing to urge the Supervisors to bring the budget into balance without raising taxes and fees.  The county is in the red about $7.1 million.

FEMA Flood "Insurance"
We support David Tunno's work on this issue. Many homeowners are forced to buy unwanted and unneeded flood "Insurance". David Barbosa will be helping on this project. We plan to start a program to reach out to property owners and the real estate industry starting next month.

Fire "Tax" 
CCTA continues to oppose the "tax" and supports the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association lawsuit to overturn the law.

Legal Access Issue
An estimated 3,000 legal parcels, on prescriptive easements, may have unreasonable restrictions placed on them due to a faulty interpretation of the zoning law. There was a series of workshops held to resolve this issue resulting recommendations, which were ignored.  

CCTA Board Retreat
We are scheduling an annual planning retreat for our Leadership, hopefully this month.

General Plan Update
CCTA volunteers, led by Tonja Dausend, have identified over 1,000 parcels that may lose some allowed uses. We mailed postcards to over 700 property owners asking them to take our survey and join us by getting on our email list. Sixty people have done so. We sent instructions on how to use the county website to determine the changes on their property and provided a sample email for them to send to the county.

The CCTA Board, last month, voted to establish committees for each Supervisorial District. Keith Ancar volunteered to Chair the District 2 committee and help the property owners in the other Districts get organized. His email is  David Barboza and Tonja Dausend are also helping to organise this effort.

Taxpayer Alert TV Program
We now have completed 12 programs with very interesting guests. We record two 30 minute shows back to back on the 3rd Thursday of the month at the PATV studio in San Andreas. 

Last month, we featured Supervisor Merita Callaway and Financial Advisor Cory Burnell. Merita talked about the serious budget problems our county is facing and Cory discussed the new health care law and how the taxpayer could protect themself. 

This month, we have scheduled District Attorney Barbara Yook for one of the programs and the other is not firmed up yet. We welcome suggestions for future programs. 

To view the two recent programs on YouTube, just click below:

If you have not already done so, please consider joining CCTA. You can sign up on our website. Annual dues for Business Members is only $120 and General Membership $12.

A big thank you goes to the wonderful volunteers and donors helping on our projects. 

Best regards. - Al