Friday, January 10, 2014

Seventeen candidates vying for seats on the June 3rd ballot

As of January 10, 2014 the following candidates have pulled Petition in Lieu papers.
Superior Court, Dept. Two
Tim Healy
John J. Trifilo
Hugh K. Swift
County Superintendent, Of Schools
Kathy A Northington
Supervisor, 3rd District
Merita Callaway
Michael C. Oliveira
Mike Borean
Supervisor, 5th District
Martha (marti) Crane
Steven Kearney
Leslie Davis
Rebecca Callen
Coroner-public, Administrator
Kevin J Raggio
County Clerk-recorder
Rebecca Turner
Cathryne Darmer
District Attorney
Barbara M. Yook
Patrick Garrahan
Treasurer-tax Collector
Barbara Sullivan