Monday, January 6, 2014

Passing on Ripples of Kindness Project

2014 THEME:  Create a ripple of kindness, by doing one random act of kindness every day !
A small group of local residents are working together to encourage and promote random acts of kindness throughout  Calaveras county.  In 1995, the Angels Camp City Council passed a proclamation that Angels Camp is a Kindness Zone.  Once again we are asking the Calaveras County Board of Supervisors to pass a county-wide Kindness Zone proclamation as well.   (both the city and county have proclaimed kindness zones)

To learn more about Calaveras county's own the seeds of kindness activities visit our local website at 
To learn more about random acts of kindness National activities visit the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation website at

Our goal  is to purchase 10,000 or more “Pass It On” kindness ribbons and support materials.  This year as in the past, the Seeds of Kindness project will encourage and work with Calaveras County schools, organizations and businesses to create an increased awareness for being kind.  The light blue ribbons will be distributed county-wide; when a ribbon-bearer sees an act of kindness being done, they are to sign the back of the ribbon and pass it on.  The idea is that the ribbons will encourage acts of kindness throughout the county and beyond.  
We invite everyone to join us in celebrating Kindness Week in Calaveras County February 9-15, 2014.
Jim Bergantz, Coordinator