Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Cake Decorator puts professional/personal touch on cakes at IGA

Last September Payless IGA had the good fortune to hire Jennifer Ramos to work in the deli. Quickly Ramos showed her skill with cake decorating building and creating fantastic monster truck scenes, minesweep games and more out of cake.

To date her most difficult cake was one she make for her husband, a 24 inch dragon with multi layers and "lots of frosting."

Ramos didn't set out to be a cake artist, but what began as a job in a bakery in her early 20's turned into a passion today. She loves to be challenged and to create one-of-a-kind cakes, making peoples special events even more so by her personal touch.

Ice cream cakes are also available at Payless as well as edible image cakes.

Ramos stressed the value of her art, noting that the prices are comparable to bakeries in Sonora. "People don't realize they can get such wonderful cakes right here in Copperopolis and for a comparable price."

Some cake orders, like edible image cakes, must be ordered a minimum of a week in advance.