Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Copper Fire rolls out 'new' used Engine

Copper Fire rolled out their 'new' used engine January 5, 2014 after months of minor rehabilitation and modifications.

"Most modifications and rehab was done in house" said Chief Kovacs, "saving the Department money yet taking a bit more time."

CFPD received the engine in July 2013 and set about making and installing drawers, adding CFPD logos and decals, replacing some valves and some rehab to the water tank in the back. In addition to minor repairs a full mechanical check was completed and the engine is now operating and ready to go.

According to Kovacs there are still a few small items that need adjusting but "those will not take the Engine out of service."

At the Copperopolis Fire Protection District Board meeting held on May 9, 2013 Chief Kovacs presented the board with a proposal to purchase a new 'used' 1999 Pierce Quantum engine with 48k miles, stating the engine could "serve us for a good 10 years." Also informing the Board that the new engine would also "allow us to service commercial space." According to standard fire strategy tactic training any structure exceeding 3000 square feet is treated as a commercial fire with hose needs and potential ladder needs greater than those with less square feet. The new engine he proposed had a 14' ladder with a 24' extension. It had 1500 gallon per minute flow with a 5" hose, holds six firefighters and has the capability of holding all equipment needed at a scene, no matter the scene - fire, medical aid, mutual aid, etc. The Board voted in favor unanimously.

 The new engine replaces the previously used Engine 236, a 1974 build-up engine.