Monday, January 13, 2014

Calaveras County Arts Council receives $1500 from Calaveras County Office of Education

The Calaveras Arts Council (CCAC) announces that the Calaveras County Office of Education (CCOE) County Superintendent, Kathy Northington, awarded them $1500 to help fund their Arts in the School Program (aka Arts in Ed) for the 2013-2014 school year. This is not, however, a one year funding.  CCOE is so supportive of the program that they have allocated funds annually for almost as long as the program has existed.

Arts in Ed is one of the key building blocks of the Calaveras Arts Council.  Through the support of CCOE, local schools Parent Teacher Organizations, and through their own fundraising activities, the arts council provides funds to pay for performing and visual artists for special classes and workshops in the K-6 schools.  The schools choose from over 25 qualified professional local artists who teach to the curriculum and classroom objectives.  

The Arts in Ed goal is to be catalysts for kids to discover the magic of the arts and how creating art can lead to self-expression, growth, exploration and gratification.  We can’t ignore the facts that arts education strengthens learning skills, builds self-esteem, and often provides the “hook” which keeps children interested in school. Evidence is strong that over-all achievement is higher if the arts are regularly a part of education.  The Program has earned the statewide “Exemplary” status by the California Arts Council.  For more information about Arts in Ed log onto

The mission of Calaveras County Office of Education is to provide leadership into the 21st century through quality service to school districts, students, parents and community with the goal of achieving excellence together.

CCAC is a non-profit, public benefit agency established in 1981. It is an art advocate and is the designated state-local partner of the California Arts Council for the County of Calaveras.  CCAC commitment as an organization is to promote the arts and public interest in the arts, to provide assistance and services to arts organizations, institutions and individuals, and to significantly enhance the impact of the arts and arts education on the quality of life in Calaveras County. END