Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Copperopolis Museum Open June 1, 2013

The Copperopolis Historical museum is only open to the public one day per year at their annual Homecoming Celebration... that means this Saturday folks!

Upon entering the museum one feels as if they have stepped back through time. The smell is of metal, dust and old leather is a heady scent. The first sight is of a glorious carriage circa late 1800's. Past the carriage is a part of history some people living here still remember today. It is the original post office boxes. The Post Office was located in what is now the gift store of the Union Mine Store. If you are lucky enough to meet up with local town historian elect Ed Gouzenne he may just show you his P.O. box. He can't remember the combination, but there is no need.

Just a few short steps away there is a miniature replica of the older Copper mines. In working order. Past the 'to scale' Copper mine lay equipment of all sorts. From obvious mining helmets, to tools rusted and dulled by use and time that makes one wonder how it was indeed used. The lunch pail used by the miners is creative in its use, the lid is actually the bowl.

Along with the tools was a modern convenience, the telephone.
If you make it to the 2013 Copperopolis Homecoming you won't want to miss the museum. There is more to learn and see than what is written here.